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Who says you can't have it all? I am a firm believer in the joys of everyday life and feel as though I am one of the luckiest girls you will ever meet. I live in what to me seems like a little piece of heaven, only enhanced by the joys of my husband, children and grandchildren who are the light of my life. In addition to my supportive family, I am fortunate enough to have found a hobby that ultimately completes me, raising Ragdolls.

Beach City Rags is a small closed home cattery located in Southern Orange County, California. We enjoy raising our Ragdolls in the comfort of our home that includes an outdoor atrium. This allows for our kittens to enjoy the great outdoors, especially the smell and feel of the cool ocean breeze. In an effort to keep them as just another member of the family, most kittens have watched at least one Disney movie; while keeping their fashion up to par with a little help from the Build-A-Bear workshop from my grandchildren. If fashion isn't your forte, they have taken at least one leisurely ride on either a skateboard or baby stroller all before they arrive at your home.

As you can see our Ragdolls are family, and the greatest element of breeding and raising these beautiful animals comes from the happiness that is reported to us by the numerous individuals that have had the opportunity to add a cat or kitten to their home. Consequently, we breed not only for the love of a new pet, but for health, breeding standards, and size. 

Like I said, who says you can't have it all.....

~ Christie 

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